Please tell me the history of ties with Vibram.

-I worked for many years at the Isao Hosoe design studio located in Milan, Italy until June 2014.

-This office was next door to Vibram VFF Milan office and in 2011 we started the collaboration of design consultation. After several years I had the opportunity to collaborate and then work directly for Vibram.




Where did the inspiration for Furoshiki wrapping shoes come from ?

-President Marco Bramani proposed to us some themes, one of them was “Mono size” to find out the way to reduce & integrate the variety of shoe/sole size production.

-And moreover I was thinking how is it possible for a “static sole” to become an even more “dynamic sole”. I connected the bag culture between Europe where the exterior of the bag is a constant shape, whereas Japanese furoshiki wrapping bag transforms according to the contents. This became the starting point to connect Furoshiki and footwear.



What does wrapping with furoshiki mean in Japanese culture?

-In japanese culture, the meaning of "wrapping" is to take good care of an object. Furoshiki evolved from its origins from bath culture to cherish wrapping gifts and everyday things.



What is the difference between Furoshiki wrapping shoes and the traditional Western-style zipper and button?

-To wrap with the cloth soles around different kinds of foot shapes means each person will have their shoes personalized. This idea is the exact opposite position of the traditional Western shoe culture. Nowadays great importance is attached to individuality therefore "FUROSHIKI" proposes a new footwear culture of the future.



Finish !




Are Furoshiki shoes the first collaboration between Vibram and Japanese tradition?

-"FUROSHIKI" was the first footwear product work in my career, and also marked a new project approach to engage tradition and innovation.

-The staff in all the 3 main Vibram locations around the world (Italy, US, China) are collaborating using their varied cultural backgrounds towards innovative product development and this tradition of innovation will continue to develop into the future.